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PC Outlet Stores[back to top]

PC Outlet customers can shop for what they want, where they want, when they want. The PC Outlet retail stores display over 5,000 products and their knowledgeable staff stands ready to help both the seasoned pros as well as novice users.

PC Outlet TechPros[back to top]

Certified technicians give consumers and businesses the fastest, most convenient and competitively priced technology services available in-store or at homes and offices.

PC Outlet Business[back to top]

With a full range of business consulting and technical services, training programs, and e-commerce solutions, PC Outlet Business is a vital partner for growing ventures. Whether it’s helping an entrepreneur get a project up and running or providing an established company with the means to navigate ever-changing technology, PC Outlet offers businesses solid solutions.

Technology Assurance Program (TAP)[back to top]

PC Outlet service plans are among the most superior, dependable, and comprehensive protection available in the industry. If PC Outlet sells it – and the manufacturer provides a 90-day warranty – there’s a TAP plan to protect your technology investment.

Some of the brands we carry are:

Apple Netgear Palm Seagate Symantec Dicota Targus Logitech APC  Lacie 
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